I am thankful every day ...to be challenged in my thinking and way I work and live, and to receive a very soul satisfying reassurance of God’s love in the interactions with and happiness of others. for these reasons and more, I am very thankful for the presence of the church community and God, in my life. For these reasons and more, I give back to the church whenever I can and in whatever way I can.
— Judy Kay

PAR Program

PAR (Pre-authorized remittance) is a giving program that helps support our caring, outreach, worship and community ministries.

What are the Par-ticulars?

What is PAR?

PAR stands for Pre-Authorized Remittance. It means that an amount determined by you is deducted monthly from your bank account. 

Why should I sign up for PAR?

PAR is convenient! No more searching for cheques or trying to find cash to put in envelopes! Even when you are away, your church ministries are supported. 

What are the benefits of PAR for my church?

PAR helps us know make plans and budgets for the year. Cochrane Street receives gifts throughout the year. Some months we receive more than others. PAR increases our financial stability.

What do I need to know?

You choose the date and the amount you want to give each month. Then you can choose who much supports our local church expenses, the Mission and Service Fund or our contribution to Cochrane Centre.  When you receive you statement from the church your PAR contributions will show up on the 30th of the month even if it was given on the 12th. This is for recording purposes only. You can increase your contribution at time, by contacting our treasurer. All changes require 1 month notice.

How Can I Par-ticipate

Take some time to pray and think about whether or not PAR is right for you. If it is, choose an annual amount and divide it by 12. Then fill in the form below. 

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